Over Ear Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones | Built in Mic and Optional Wired Mode | 16 Hour Battery Life

Over Ear Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones | Built in Mic and Optional Wired Mode | 16 Hour Battery Life

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Immersive Sound travel Headphones bluetooth wireless wired Womens



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Durable Hard Shell Travel Case

  1. Safely store you headphone when not in use
  2. Slim, Portable and Durable Case
  3. Extra Pocket for your wired cable and charging cable

Wireless Freedom & Comfort

  1. Enjoy your favorite audio cord free
  2. Soft protein ear pads and adjustable headband for maximum comfort
  3. 16 hour battery provides all day enjoyment

Light Weight and Easy Controls

  1. Super Light Weight Design-185 grams. Ideal for extended periods of wear
  2. Effortless Controls enable play, pause, skip commands


Fold Flat Hinge easy Storage Adjustable Headband Easily expands comfortable slip-free secure fit



Stereo Sound premium dynamic control durable Ultra soft best cushion




5 reviews for Over Ear Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones | Built in Mic and Optional Wired Mode | 16 Hour Battery Life

  1. 5 out of 5


    I absolutely love these headphones! My head is on the larger side and the expandable headband gives me the right level of comfort for long periods of time. Also, the audio quality is phenomenal for the price. Really proves that you do not need a major brand in order to enjoy quality audio! I especially love using these to listen to my Audible e books! Highly recommend these for anyone looking for themselves or as a Christmas gift! P.S the travel case is super sturdy and compact!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Nastassja Riemermann

    I got these as part of a discount promotion when I bought the latest Kindle, and I’d been waffling for a while about what I should purchase as my very first pair of Bluetooth headphones, so the price and battery life made them an easy choice. Battery life was hugely important to me, since I spend a long time away from home each day and spend much of it listening to podcasts or music, and the battery life has not disappointed me. The two major downsides are that the cups are too small for my ears (and I’m a girl, so they’re not exactly huge), and while they’re perfectly comfortable for relatively short periods, after a couple hours my ears start getting sore from being slightly bent out of their natural shape. Also, I’m not sure how they compare to other headphones in this style, but the microphone does NOT work for making phone calls (the person on the other end almost invariably can’t understand me). I eventually bought an auxiliary cord with a built-in microphone which solved this problem, but I still had to plug this cord in any time I received or needed to make a phone call (or just talk directly on the phone). Finally, the Bluetooth pairing occasionally goes wonky, but if this happens I just re-pair it, so it’s not a big deal.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Citizen Kane

    Okay. I read some reviews on this and decided to get it with the Kindle water proof bundle. Its okay. Worth the bundle price but not standalone.Sound is okay. Better than my iphone earbuds I was using. I’m not an audiophile but the bass does sound deeper and richer. Again, keep in mind I’m coming from iphone ear buds.Complaints: Doesn’t feel like regular price quality. It’s light and ergonomic but buttons feel meh. Over ear, but I’m what 5’7 ears of eastern asian descent and they just perfectly fit my ears. If you are any larger, you’re gonna find them sitting on your ears probably. Hindsight I probably would’ve just gotten the kindle. Putting this one in my impulse/meh could’ve lived without it bucket.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Joseph M. Moore

    Bought these with the Kindle bundle. I’ve been on a headphone buying spree lately, trying to find the perfect < $100 Bluetooth headphones. These aren't it. They're comfortable, and the build quality is decent. They have a bit of an odor that should fade over time (it will be entirely familiar to you if you've bought any fake leather product in the past two years). These also have no active noise cancelling. My real issue, though, is the overly emphasized bass. It causes the sound quality to be muddy, overall. The trebles get lost, so if your primary use is listening to music, these are not ideal. If Audiobooks or Podcasts are your target use, these will do just fine. As it stands, there are cheaper headphones with better, audiophile-quality sound and active noise cancelling. These are a pass.

  5. 5 out of 5


    I bought these in a kindle paperwhite bundle. Unfortunately I am returning them mostly due to the sound cutting in and out. When it worked, the sound was pretty good. I’m not an audiophile… but for audiobooks, TV and calming music (which is what I tend to listen to) the sound was good enough for me. I was surprised how much background sounds via my TV shows it picked up that even my sound system doesn’t pick up (and my sound system is just a few steps up from tv speakers so not surprised there).* Battery life: So far so good. I’ve yet to charge them after the initial charge. I’ve probably used them for maybe 10ish hours so far and its been about 2 weeks since I charged them.Cons:* Sound cuts in and out. At first I thought it was due to the book I was listening to, thinking it was the file. But I tried the headphones on several devices with several types of audio and where it actually worked on the paperwhite, on other devices like my laptop and my tablet it kept cutting in and out. This is NOT acceptable.* Buttons are finicky. Just to turn on the power button I had to keep hitting it, changing the pressure and length of me pushing the button for it to finally turn on. Same with the volume controls.* Size of ear pads. I am a petite gal with small, narrow ears. My mom has older person, larger ears and she said they didn’t fit her ears right and she found this headphone very uncomfortable. I also have a small head and she has a larger head. So if you have a larger head/rounder ears this headphone will probably not work for you.I decided to just return them rather than try a replacement. Overall they are OK but there are a lot of headphone choices out there and at this price point I think there are better choices. I would only recommend if you have a smaller head/smaller ears or if pressure against ears is not a problem for you. I’d also hope you’d get a working one.

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